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Empower Your Kids Lives

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Family Fun and Fitness for Life

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Say Good Bye to Kids Bad Behavior for Life

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Kids Develop a High Level of Confidence

Discipline and Respect

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"Fear No Man! Never Be Afraid or Become a Statistic. Take Control

Lose Weight, Stay Fit, Have Fun, and Protect Yourself With RIOT."

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"Say “HELLO” to a Younger, More Energetic, Tighter and Trimmer You.

Get a Beautiful Body and Mind that Men

Lust After in 30 Days With RIOT."

“Why RIOT?

Because RIOT Helps ORDINARY Kids & Adults Create and Build EXTRAORDINARY Lives at Home, or School or Work for their Lifetime!

RIOT SAVES children and their family from Physical, Behavior, Psychological and Eating Disorders that cause the high risk of obesity, bulling, drug/alcohol use, suicide, violence, depression, pregnancy, dropouts, and much more!

RIOT Teaches Simple, Powerful, Surefire Methods that Guide Kids and Adults Step-by-Step to More Health, Fitness, Wellness, Self-Respect, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Control, Self-Discipline, Integrity, Courtesy, Leadership, Loyalty, Teamwork, Friendship, Respect for Others, Life Success, Olympic Style Self Defense, Indomitable Spirit, and much more… with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!”

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The Reitenbach Institute of Tae Kwon Do (a.k.a. “RIOT”) is the premier North American Martial Arts organization dedicated to the discipline of Tae Kwon Do. RIOT was founded by Grand Master Jerome Reitenbach.

RIOT is value-priced Tae Kwon Do martial arts and personal development school serving our community by providing several programs for a variety of purposes, ranging from world class training, coaching and products in the areas of Basic Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts.

The focus of RIOT’s programs is to provide students the highest quality martial arts instruction available, in a safe and positive learning environment that people of all ages can enjoy.

It provides  Self Defense, Achievement; Skill Building; Mind-Technology Motivation; Personal Development; Relationships Building; Spiritual Growth; Alternative Wellness; Healthy Living; Mind & Body, and more.  RIOT plans to enhance its programs as it expands, developing new programs to ensure the students have as much access to the different aspects of Tae Kwon Do as possible.

RIOT has been active in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past 42 years.  Being part of this organization will benefit you in numerous ways as shown below.

The RIOT programs and training represents more than thirty years of research and development.

RIOT is associated with and a member of the Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation and California Unified Taekwondo Association, a nationally recognized martial arts organization with over 3,500 active member schools across the United States.  Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo Federation and the California Unified Taekwondo Association are the most successful martial arts organizations in the world.



Our mission is to provide students the best in Tae Kwon Do martial arts training, physically and mentally. RIOT was established to provide a place where one can learn the art of Tae Kwon Do and enjoy the experience while making the commitment to learn and improve one’s self-esteem, self-development, concentration, discipline, self control, health, fitness, wellness and personal development.  As students advance in rank from white to black belt they will gain the knowledge and experience that will last a lifetime.



RIOT is owned and operated by Master Sydney Reeser-Reitenbach, 7th Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon) and Michael Kissinger 1st Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon).  She is one of the highest ranking women in America, who combines excellent student instructor ratios with state of the art training.

Sydney Reitenbach is a graduate of San Francisco State University and an instructor at the University of San Francisco in the Tae Kwon Do Martial Arts program. Michael Kissinger is a RIOT instructor, the business development director and a former adjunct professor from Golden Gate University, San Francisco State University and Canada College.

With over four decades of professional fitness experience, Master Reitenbach, a 7th Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon) in Tae Kwon Do, specializes in personal fitness and training.  Master Reitenbach has established herself as one of the elite personal trainers and Tae Kwon Do instructors in the world!

Master Reitenbach and Michael Kissinger will be with students every step of the way to help them reach their individual goals (and maybe even reach some new goals they’ve never before thought possible).

Sanfrancisco Taekwondo

Kids Love RIOT’s Overall Training Programs


RIOT Tae Kwon Do is an exciting and powerful martial art known for its dynamic kicking and hand techniques.  Although these martial art techniques are centuries old, the planned programs being offered are always evolving to keep pace with the rapidly changing world.

RIOT realizes that each student possesses different physical abilities.  Size and strength vary with each individual.  Once a student has acquired a strong foundation in the basics, Master Reitenbach s’ outlined program will enhance the student’s physical capabilities and maximize his/her self-defense skills.

RIOT, is not interested in just teaching self-defense. Sydney Reitenbach and Michael Kissinger, as certified instructors remain interested in the complete personal development of each student.  Individual attention is a feature of each and every class, allowing all students to progress quickly and confidently toward their personal goals.  They take their responsibility as role models for younger students seriously, teaching them the importance of strong character, leadership and good values.

The teaching curriculum at RIOT is based on two concepts: “positive mental attitude” and “high goal setting.” Master Reitenbach is so positive about this program that she promises to give students and their families the most professional, well supervised, and highest quality classes available in any sport or art.

There are very few, if any, programs available today that offers so many benefits in helping a child develop than RIOT’s carefully structured Tad Kwon Do Martial Arts programs. Children discover an inner confidence and strength which will enable them to prove themselves physically.

The control and increased concentration carries one from RIOT Tae Kwon Do into everyday life. Students find themselves more organized in life, more respectful of others, and more goal-oriented.

RIOT has helped thousands of adults and children develop their skills and positive traits and have helping them throughout life. All programs come with a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee.

RIOT clients have experienced lasting success with their personal training goals because RIOT methods are all-encompassing. RIOT trains clients by incorporating challenging cardiovascular and muscle building workouts during its sessions. RIOT also teaches and coaches clients in their choices made outside of the Tae Kwon Do sessions, namely diet and nutrition.


Kids Love RIOT Because It Helps Them Prepare For and Win at Local, National and Olympic Competitions!

100 Reasons Why RIOT Can Help Your Child & You

Succeed in Life in Ways You Only Dream Of


There are more than 100 Reasons why RIOT can help you succeed in life. It provides services to improve fitness and the capacity for self-defense. Tae Kwon Do is not just a physical activity.  Tae Kwon Do “is the martial art that trains people physically and mentally.” In addition to physical fitness, Tae Kwon Do classes promote discipline, honor, self-control, respect, courtesy, perseverance and loyalty.

RIOT specializes in teaching ages 3-63. When students join they will not only be improving their fitness and learning to defend themselves, they will be embarking on a path to improve many important aspects of their lives. And the truly wonderful thing is they get to have fun while doing it!

Here are some benefits you can expect from training in RIOT Tae Kwon Do Training & Coaching:

  • Fitness – The principles of Tae Kwon Do techniques are based on the design of the human body.  For power the body develops the larger, powerful muscles of the torso.  The speed of the techniques comes from the fast, agile muscles of the arms and legs.  As students progress in Tae Kwon Do, they learn to coordinate this speed and power, and develop a concentration to focus all of their body’s strength into a small, hard striking surface like the edge of the hand or the heel of a foot.
  • Self-defense – When the speed and power developed through Tae Kwon Do is used in a self-defense situation against the vulnerable parts of an attacker’s body, the results can be incredible.  Tae Kwon Do allows a woman to emphasize many of her natural physical strengths, such as power in the legs, while learning a method of self-defense efficient against a much larger opponent.  Knowing they can defend themselves, the student’s confidence will grow.  And confidence alone is usually enough to deter potential attackers.
  • Self-confidence – This does not come naturally for many people, but self-confidence can be developed over a period of time.  Through Tae Kwon Do, as students accomplish new goals, their confidence level increases.  Tae Kwon Do instills a sense of discipline and self confidence that can carry over to all aspects of life.
  • Personal Development-RIOT trains, coaches and works with people who have a true desire to succeed and provides principles and ideas of the most influential people of all time in pointing the way to personal achievement, to financial independence, and to riches in spirit beyond measure. Thousands of people have applied this famous philosophy for their own enrichment. Its secrets are as timeless and practical as when they were first made know. RIOT will be providing you and your child with the philosophies and formulas which lead to success that are made available to all who greatly desire to live a prosperous and abundant life and to attain the rich spiritual satisfaction that achievement brings. Free Personal Coaching Sessions for Kids and Adults.



HOW DO I SELECT THE RIGHT SCHOOL?  Children Try It Free  Adults Try It Free 

Six Individual Programs for Different Age and Skill Levels

That Help You Succeed in School, Work and Life


  1. For Kids 3-14 (as outlined by both the kids and their parents): RIOT Programs focus on self-confidence, fun, exercise, discipline, self-defense and socialization.
  2. For Young Adults Ages 15-25: RIOT Programs focus exercise, self-defense, self control, concentration.
  3. For Adults Ages 25-35: RIOT Programs focus exercise, self-defense, stress reduction and weight control and participation with their children.
  4. For Adults Ages 35 +: RIOT Programs focus exercise, stress reduction and socialization

Program 1: Little Tigers Tae Kwon Do Program

RIOT offers a Little Tigers Tae Kwon Do program.  The Little Tigers Tae Kwon Do program was developed specifically for preschool children ages 3 through 6.  This program offers children a strong foundation in essential character qualities such as courtesy, respect, and discipline.  In addition, the program is designed to improve children’s motor skills and enhance their ability to pay attention and follow directions.  All classes are taught using the most safe, fun, and exciting instruction methods available for this age group.

  • Here is a short list of traits that RIOT Tae Kwon Do can develop in a child and adult:


Self-esteem                 Focus                           Concentration             Self-discipline
Physical fitness            Self-confidence           Positive attitude          Leadership
Respect                       Patience                      Goal setting                 Manners
Strong work ethic

  • Classes are held in the early evening and on Saturday- Request Updated Schedule.
  • Classes are taught by Michael Kissinger (1st Degree Black Belt) or experienced Certified Black Belt Instructor.


Little Tigers have their own unique achievement program.  Promotional stripes are earned with slight modifications in recognition of the preschool age of the child.  Six different colored achievement stripes are available to accommodate all the stripes that can be earned by a high achieving Little Tiger.  The rank and testing system used by the Little Tigers is slightly different from that of our regular programs.  Little Tigers can earn six stripes to display on the belts as follows: White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Red, and Black.  All six stripes, as earned, are displayed on the child’s belt.

Upon graduation from the Little Tigers Tae Kwon Do program students will be promoted to Yellow Belt and afforded the Basic, Black Belt Club, or Masters Club Program.

Program 2: Basic Tae Kwon Do  TigersJunior, Adult and Family Programs

The Basic Program is for children and adults of all ages.  Under this program the student will receive, upon membership, two times a week instruction in the basic core skills of Tae Kwon Do.  Classes will be divided by age groups.

  • Classes are held in the early and late evening and also on Saturdays – Request Updated Schedule.
  • Classes are taught by Sydney Reitenbach (7th Degree Black Belt) or experienced black belt instructor.


Program 3: Black Belt Club Program

The Black Belt Program is for children and adults of all ages.  Students in this program will receive instructions two times weekly.  This program also features free sparring, board breaking and street self-defense.  Classes will be divided according to age group and rank.

  • Classes are held in the early and late evening and also on Saturdays- Request Updated Schedule.
  • Classes are taught by Sydney Reitenbach (7th Degree Black Belt) or experienced black belt instructor.


Program 4: Master Club Program

The Masters Club Program is for children and adults of all ages.  All students will be encouraged to graduate into this program as they progress and experience the art of Tae Kwon Do.  This program provides unlimited weekly instruction.  This program also features free sparring, board breaking, and street self-defense.  This program offers the complete package for Self-Defense Classes and will hold the largest portion of RIOT enrollment.  Class instruction will be divided according to age group and rank.

  • Classes are held in the early and evening hours and also on Saturdays- Request Updated Schedule.
  • Classes are taught by Sydney Reitenbach (7th Degree Black Belt) or experienced black belt instructor.



  • Joint Manipulation (Level I, II)
  • Ground Fighting (Level I, II, III)
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Olympic Style Gyeoroogi
  • Modern Tai Chi (Level I, II, III, IV, V, VI)
  • PPCT Defensive Tactics
  • PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense
  • PPCT Pressure Point Control Tactics
  • PPCT Sexual Harassment / Rape Prevention



RIOT trains and coaches clients to remain focused on their health and personal fitness goals. RIOT has an understanding of individual needs and is able to push people to their maximum fitness level to help them obtain the results for which they strive.

RIOT provides world class and New York Times Best Selling training, coaching and products in the areas of Achievement; Skill Building; Mind-Technology Motivation; Personal Development; Relationships Building; Spiritual Growth; Alternative Wellness; Healthy Living; Mind & Body; Financial Growth and Wealth Building – Request Updated Schedule.



Building Champions Programs



Total Body Power Programs




Fit for Life Programs

Program 7: Special Kids & Adults Programs RIOT Offers You:

  1. School Leadership:
  2. West Point Leadership:
  3. Kids get “A’s”
  4. Kid’s Self-Esteem:
  5. Bullying:
  6. Weight Loss:
  7. Life Success:
  8. Family:
  9. After School:
  10. Summer:
  11. Birthday Program:
  12. Instructor Training:
  13. Certification Program:
  14. And Many More

At RIOT, we strive every day to cement our reputation as

The friendly place to condition your mind, body and spirit”

We are a growing community of adults and children who are learning Tae Kwon Do martial arts, strengthening ourselves internally and externally, getting into the best shape of our lives, and having fun doing it.

RIOT has a passion for teaching and training children in the practice and techniques of traditional Tae Kwon Do martial arts. The martial arts programs we have developed are high-energy, fun and interactive.

The overarching goal of the children’s Tae Kwon Do program is to build the student’s self esteem, which is done by acknowledging, recognizing and rewarding not just the student’s accomplishments and successes, but their efforts as well. Learning RIOT Tae Kwon Do martial arts is a physical endeavor, involving all muscle groups to help develop a student’s physical fitness. But the emphasis goes far beyond just learning physical moves and martial arts techniques.

RIOT Tae Kwon Do Martial arts is implemented as a mechanism to develop positive character and life improvement skills in students such as increasing self-confidence, improving focus and concentration, learning respect for others, developing self-discipline, and optimizing physical fitness.

We take it training seriously, but not ourselves. We work out hard in Tae Kwon Do at the Dojang, and still often find the time to augment our training with community activities such as running, hiking, softball, racing, biking, camping, track, dodge ball, football and the occasional picnic.

Many of our adult students enjoy studying both the traditional martial art of Tae Kwon Do and the modern art of Self-Defense and more.

That sums up RIOT and How We Can Help You or Your Child Generate a Lifetime of Unlimited Prosperity and Abundance.  We’re a traditional Tae Kwon Do school with a modern attitude, emphasizing the key characteristics of Tae Kwon Do martial arts through the ages: honesty, integrity, respect, discipline, conditioning and personal development, all the while seeking balance by sweating with a smile.



Kids Love Learning RIOT Tae Kwon Do For Many Reasons!

Here just a few!

  • Kids Love Learning to Master Every Challenge They Face in School and Life.
  • Becoming True Champions…
  • Excelling in School, Relationships and Life…
  • Getting into Great Shape in Spirit, Mind and Body…
  • And Their Parents Just Love RIOT for Helping their Children to Succeed in School, Life and Martial Arts!


Kids and parents love us because we take beginners and certify them through the Kukkiwon, World Tae Kwon Federation, USAT and California Unified Tae Kwon Do Association 

“Excellent instruction, not only from the RIOT staff but also from every black belt who trains here. Just an amazing atmosphere for learning a new skill, making friends and getting fit.” — 1st Degree Black Belt Mr. Trinidad.

Thank you for your commitment and focus on making RIOT not just a great school for learning TKD, but also a wonderful and thriving community.”  — 1st Degree Black Belt Dusty Rhoads

“It never hurts to try one class, you might even get hooked.”  — 1st Degree Black Belt Mr. Canilao

New to martial arts? RIOT is one of the most welcoming and amazing places to workout (and it’s fun!)  –1st Degree Black Belt Mr. Jawgiel

What others say:


Discover RIOT’s proven techniques and strategies for greater success in

life, school, work, health, fitness, wellness, self-development, personal

development, leadership, and more with a 100% Guarantee!

dalycity taekwondo


Interested in finding out more?  There are more than 100 reasons why you should join us.  Here are the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions. Explore our site, or better still, call us at 650-992-3939 or email us at  to arrange a tour of our wonderful school. It may turn out to be the call that changes your life.

Please tell us how we can help you and your child,

Master Reitenbach
Master Reitenbach
7th Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon)
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Michael Kissinger
Michael Kissinger
1st Degree Black Belt (Kukkiwon)
Cell Phone 415-678-99665


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